Scotia Kelp Products is a Nova Scotian wholesale and online retail company that processes Kelp (seaweed) into all-natural by-products for use in the Agriculture, Animal Care and Cosmetic industries. The company prides itself on its focus on environmental and social accountability.

Our Planet is not invincible. Our environment is so toxic, the air is polluted, our soil is depleted, our foods nutritional values have declined and our oceans needs our help. Everything is connected. What we have done to our planet affects our would around us and our health. Climate change is real.

Scotia Kelp

Scotia Kelp is working to play a role in supporting a better and healthier world around us. The kelp we use is harvested by hand from cold, shallow, nutrient-rich saltwater from to the untouched shores of the North Atlantic Ocean. We use kelp in its purest form, raw and unprocessed. All of the kelp we use is harvested responsibly by trained, experienced professionals to ensure only the highest-quality kelp is harvested and that the procedure doesn’t harm our precious marine ecosystem.


Organic gardening practices are the best way to improve your soil and crops. Seaweed is one of the best materials for this. Kelp has over 65 naturally occurring, readily available minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.


Scotia Kelp is committed to provide customers with 100 per cent natural products that can help improve and sustain their health and environment. Scotia Kelp believes in feeding nature naturally and is determined to put nature back into natural products.