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Give your customers naturally nurturing, Nova Scotian-made kelp products.

Kelp Products for
Plant Care, Skin Care and Animal Care

More than ever, consumers are looking for natural products that they can feel good about buying. They want to be able to understand the ingredients they read on the labels and trust that they're making healthy choices for themselves, their pets, their plants, and the environment.

Scotia Kelp offers a range of simple, effective, and affordable kelp-based sprays for personal, pet, and plant care. Kelp extracts are rich in over 65 macro- and micronutrients, compounds, and trace elements that are easily absorbed and bioavailable.

We use sustainably harvested Nova Scotian Laminaria Digitata and manufacture our products in-province, which means that you can skip supply chain issues while helping your customers shop local.

Are you considering adding Kelp Products to your product offerings? Explore our product lines or contact us for more information.

Why Choose Scotia Kelp as a Supplier?

SCOTIA KELP is supported by:

Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Team Work Cooperative
Common Goods Solutions
Black Business Initiative
Community Business Development Corporation
Ocean Allies
Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc.
Canadian Federation of Independent Business


High-quality, sustainable, locally sourced and manufactured kelp products. Fair and transparent pricing. Maritime pride and connection.

Our Products are ideal for

  • Natural grocery stores
  • Garden centres
  • Pet supply stores
  • Pet groomers
  • Supermarkets
  • Drug stores
  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Natural product stores
  • Locally made product stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Local produce centres
  • Hotel gift shops
  • Specialty stores

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