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Natural Plant Food for your Home & Garden

Naturally Nurture Your Plants

At Scotia Kelp, we take pride in creating a natural plant food that can be used on any plants, both indoors and outside. Kelp extract contains a complete profile of over 65 bioavailable nutrients that can enhance plant health and improve soil quality.

The benefits of brown kelps like Laminaria Digitata for plant growth have been studied extensively, and regular applications of kelp are standard practice in professional golf courses and the agriculture industries.

Topical kelp foliar spray like our natural plant food is an easy addition to your current plant care regime. Regular use helps promote healthier, more productive and hardier plants. It is available in a 500ml bottle.


When used regularly, our Plant Food can help:

  • Relieve Plant Stress
    • Increases uptake of nutrients from the soil by encouraging plants to take up more water. The naturally-occurring nutrients in kelp can also provide immediate benefits to a plant which may be suffering from deficiency.
  • Reduce Transplant Shock
    • Providing transplanted seedlings with a nutrient-rich plant food like kelp helps to speed up plant establishment.
  • Improve Soil Health
    • Kelp feeds productive soil microbiology which leads to a richer growing environment.
  • Encourage Root Tip Establishment
    • Frequent application of kelp extract spray enables plants to absorb more nutrients, which in turn results in a healthier and more vibrant plant.
  • Improves Tolerance to Environmental Stresses
    • Regular use of our plant mist nourishes your plants and helps them become more resilient and tolerant of stress. Examples include drought, salinity, temperature changes, pest pressures, and disease.
  • Increase Flower Production
    • Spraying your flowering plants regularly can increase flower production. Spraying flowering plants before cutting can help cut flowers stay fresh longer.
  • Extend Shelf Life
    • When treated with our plant mist pre-harvest, fruits and vegetables are less prone to softening and bruising.
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
    • Our mist allows plants to easily absorb kelp nutrients right through the leaves. This can help to quickly restore nutrients to plants in poor health.


Shake well before use.

For best results, spray soil and leaves with your regular watering routine.
If your plants are water sensitive, spray soil close to the plant stem.

Spray seeds and seedling roots when planting.

For challenged plants spray once per day until better.

  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • If strong odour occurs the product has expired.
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