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Using seaplants to solve problems is the culmination of a lifetime struggle to manage health problems. Along the way, we discovered something much bigger; kelp has applications that can help those experiencing with skin ailments

From an early age, Scotia Kelp founder Darron Hill has suffered from significant skin ailments and sensitivities including: severe psoriasis, eczema, sensitivity to the sun, as well as food/environmental allergies. Worsening in his teens, Darron was hospitalized where doctors attempted a procedure to regrow new skin. He was wrapped in a medicated soft paste, non-drying body cast. It was successful and condition improved with continual medical treatment such that he was able to get back to daily living but still afflicted with daily symptoms.

In 2000, Darron started working with kelp products and his skin quickly began to feel the benefits.

It was the first time in his life that he felt he had something that gave his skin relief. His skin condition improved noticeably. His skin was softer, not as irritated/ itchy from the eczema and dry skin. His sensitivity to the sun was greatly reduced as well. Amazed by the results and the new joy of life, it also sparked his passion for sharing the many benefits of kelp for those who suffer from similar health issues and challenges.

With the increase in demand for natural remedies/alternatives, Darron has seen growth in the kelp industry and believes this is the right time to engage his full- time efforts in pursuing his passion through his kelp products.

He then learned of the impressive benefits to a wide range of health-boosting applications. This super-plant from the sea was also able to help plants and animals manage stress.

The medical industry has been working with brown seaweeds for a long time and is starting to be recognized in a range of skin repairing and medicative applications.

Laminaria Digitata

Brown algae seaweeds are the most important and widely used in modern agricultural practices. They comprise the largest (macro) and fastest growing category of seaweeds in the ocean.


Commonly known as Oarweed, Laminaria Digitata is an incredible mineral, nutrient and vitamin-rich kelp found in the sublittoral zone of the Northern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia. With more than 65 readily available and 100 per cent naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, micro-nutrients and antioxidants, this highly sought-after kelp is utilized to create multiple products in a variety of uses.


Part of the brown algae family, it has been an area of study for many years. Its wonderful biological properties have attracted medical professionals and researchers to explore more from this wonder kelp in the last twenty years.